Ileach Whisky Reviews van gebruikers. The Highlands and Islands Scotch Whisky Company. Drammer whisky app; Over; Contact opnemen; Disclaimer; 4 (30 Reviews) In Stock. Ileach Cask Strength 70CL 2 Reviews. Buy at the best price from $33.42! Ileach - Peated. ... a Single Malt from Islay with .... you guessed it, Peat-power ! De geur van jonge whisky en veel turf en rook zorgen samen voor een bijzondere com Read all the reviews here. Ileach Peaty is rated 83/100 by 3 reviewers on Connosr, the world's favourite whisky community. € 38.99. & share your opinion The award winning Ileach single malt whisky, sourced from an unnamed Islay distillery, bottled at cask strength. Once again, its origins are shrouded in mystery though the rumour-mill links it to the great Lagavulin, a dram which is rarely seen outside official bottlings. A big Islay malt. De naam “The Ileach” staat voor de inwoners van Islay en het karakter van deze whisky word ook aan hen opgedragen. Web Exclusive Price. Een jonge Islay single malt. AFDRONK Warm en … Inhoud - % Vol 70CL - 58%. Over 4,500 Whisky Ratings. The award winning Ileach single malt whisky, ... After reading the reviews I was expecting something quite different. Ileach Cask Strength is rated 84/100 by 4 reviewers on Connosr, the world's favourite whisky community. Petit whisky tourbé, pas de longueur en bouche, assez artificiel. The Ileach – “The Man from Islay”. Tasting Notes courtesy of Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2008. An Islay Malt, a Peaty Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky This is the Cask Strength 58% version of the classic Ileach Peated Islay Malt. Let our expert tasters be your guide through a deep archive of over 4,500 whisky reviews. Two single malts from unknown Islay distilleries. We have every intention of continue to produce the newspaper for as long as is practical and possible. I do hope you will like these Specials just as much as my regular reviews and I look forward to your reactions and suggestions. 38. A matter of old contracts, you see, but we should beware of hurried generalizations… Now when I last tried The Ileach, back in 2006, I had thought it was pretty good (WF 82). Since I'm discussing alcoholic beverages, people who are not of legal drinking age should not visit my blog. The Ileach Cask Strength review door Mayke. Ileach Peaty Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky; 70cl / 40% Add to Wishlist. Elch Whisky 'Auflage 6' (52.7%, OB, Germany, 1200 bottles, 2020) We had tried a lovely ''Torfduett' by them back in December, so let's further push our luck and try this 'Torf vom Dorf' without any preconceptions. We’re trying the base version of The Ileach, bottled at 40% ABV.Also available is The Ileach Cask Strength at 58%. Ileach Peated Islay Malt. Islay Whisky Region. Various. The distillery is unknown. Winery: Islay. Ralfy's Informed views based on Practice. The Ileach (40%, Vintage Malt Whisky Company, +/-2018) The Vintage Malt Whisky Company have been famous for their Lagavulins, many bottled undercover. The Ileach is one these undisclosed Islay malts that received quite some praise (like Finlaggan for example). Tasting Notes. The Ileach ‘Cask Strength’ comes from the good people at The Vintage Malt Whisky Company. -Laat ik beginnen met de kleur een diep amber kleurige whisky. Land Schotland. This dram is horrible. When independents put out a single malt without disclosing the distillery, the online reviewers jump over themselves to figure the identity of the distillery. Soort Malt. M. Mayke 0 0 3. Review geschreven. It’s worth noting that both Finlaggan and The Ileach are products of the Vintage Malt Whisky Company, which also produces the Cooper’s Choice line of independent bottlings. Ileach Peaty. Now why they have added a portrait of Donald J. Trump to the label, I don't know. The Whisky Advocate Buying Guide is a powerful tool for learning, discovery, and making the most of your whisky buying budget. Je herkent hierin de geuren van zeewier,gras en zeezout. Deze whisky is uiteindelijk terug te leiden naar Lagavulin. Bottled at a cask strength of 58% ABV, but without any age information, The Ileach Cask Strength is a single malt whisky from one of the distilleries on the island of Islay that makes fully-peated malt. De whisky is van de vintage malt whisky company. Single Malt Whisky. £34.45. 99. Bestel vandaag, overmorgen in huis Gratis bezorging vanaf € 50,-Veilig betalen Je hebt altijd 14 dagen bedenktijd. I do not and can not make claims to the accuracy of the contents on my site. Als de fles eenmaal open is komt de geur van een echte Ilay whisky je te gemoed. Read all the reviews here. Whisky Krachtig & rokerig Ileach Cask Strength × Krachtig & rokerig. The Ileach is a peaty single malt from a secret Islay distillery, this has received rave reviews from whisky critics and has a solid core of peat and malt. General description. 2 jaar geleden - 0. Nose: A thick chunk of peat has been dissolved in my glass Taste: The oil-peat-barley balance is spot on as is the bitter sweet tone: just stunning Tasting Notes: NOSE: Youthful peat, herbal notes, oak, grassy, notes of the coast. Deze peated single malt komt van het eiland Islay en wordt ook wel "The man from Islay" genoemd. The reviews in these Specials will concentrate more on the Whisky and won't go into details about distilleries, maturation etc. This is one typically Islay peaty dram. 'The Man From Islay' - For centuries the stormy waters of the Atlantic Ocean has not only shaped the character of the people of Islay but also the character of their most famous malt whiskies. There’s always a lot of speculation about the distillery that produces it. When independents put out a single malt without disclosing the distillery, the online reviewers jump over themselves to figure the identity of the distillery. Fles. SMAAK Intense en uitdagende smaak met hints van turfrook, zilt en peper. The Vintage Malt Whisky Company Limited, 2 Stewart Street, Milngavie, G62 6BW Tel: ±44 (0)141 955 1700 Fax: ±44 (0)141 955 1701 email: Ileach Malt Cask Strength is een prachtige schotse Islay single malt whisky. The stormy climate of the Atlantic Ocean has not only influenced the inhabitants of Islay, but also their whisky. 7.4 (11) Proefnotitie: Duidelijke turf smaak, zacht en warm (Jana) 8.5 Cijfer: 9.0. Smokehead – Islay Whisky Review December 31, 2012 April 26, 2019 Admin featured Smokehead is een Single Malt Whisky uit Islay gebotteld en op de markt gebracht door Ian Macleod Distillers Ltd. Deze Islay Whisky wordt door Ardbeg geproduceerd. De whisky heeft een echte uniek aroma. The Ileach is a wild and smoky single malt. Score: 94 out of 100. Torf vom Dorf kind of means 'peat from our village'. whiskey Whisky Ileach Islay Single Malt, Whiskey. Bekijk het overzicht van alle whiskys van het merk ileach en bestel eenvoudig en met scherpe prijzen. However, the current situation is unprecedented in our lifetimes. Het proeven van The Ileach. A young and peaty single malt whisky from an unnamed Islay distillery, ... 41704 Reviews Rated excellent by our customers Worldwide delivery ... Scotch Whisky. Die verwijzing is ontstaan doordat het een robuuste en turfige karakter heeft. This is fun stuff, a rare chance to taste a high quality peat malt. Ileach Cask Strength: Peat, Peat and more Peat! Ik zal heel eerlijk zeggen dat binnen ons proefpanel verschillende meningen bestaan over de turf (peated) whisky's. Islay. Patience and Experience, ........ and not dogma...................... P.S. Ileach Cask Strength: Peat, Peat and more Peat! Bottled at a whopping 58% abv, it retails in the UK for just £40. The Ileach (pronounced Eee-luhk) is a youthful peated single malt Scotch from an undisclosed Islay distillery, created by the Vintage Malt Whisky Company. A double whisky review featuring Smokehead Extra Rare and The Ileach Cask Strength. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Deze whisky heeft een eigen merknaam gekregen … The Ileach, now in its 48th year, has weathered more than just a few economic downturns in its time, local, national and global. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for The Ileach Peaty Single Malt Whisky at The Ileach Cask Strength The Highlands & Islands Scotch Whisky Company. ZICHT/KLEUR Honing. GEUR Turfrook en peper zijn duidelijk waarneembaar. The intensity of this Ileach whisky can be overwhelming with only limited oak to offer complexity. Whiskybase: discover new bottles, track your collection, contribute to the whisky database and buy or sell on the whisky Market. Dit is ook geen whisky waar je mee moet beginnen. Volume - 40%. The Ileach Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky – 40% Vol. Ileach Whisky User reviews. Ileach is the endearing name the natives of Islay name themselves. The Ileach Peaty Review ... Best Shot Whisky Reviews is my personal site.

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