When Lynn Sr. states that he's heading to his restaurant to work, Lori comments that he'll need to hire more waiters given how busy it's getting. Lori attempts to take Principal Huggins and Cheryl's orders, but when she tries to remember what they said, she bumps into Scoots, who asks what kind of dipping sauces they have. Luan initially believes that they're pranking her back, but a moving truck pulls up, and the siblings begin putting their stuff in. There was a deleted scene that involved Clyde peeing in a bag while he was watching Luan. To their surprise, the actor looks exactly like Lynn Sr. Getting an idea, the family hires actors that look exactly like them to take place as them for tomorrow, as well as teach them how they should act. Everyone was dressed up nicely. Broadcast Information When Lana's double runs away from the worm, her eyelashes are missing. Grant and Biker Woman has no lines in the episode. Heavy Meddle. The noticeable features the stunt doubles have that make them stand out from the family: Lincoln - Older, wrinklier, different voice, paler skin, and some moles. Overall When several ideas are shot down, they are told to move out of the way, revealing that they're actually on a movie set. Sneaking to an underpass, Lincoln calls for his family, who are also wearing disguises. 305b Making The Case 26. "Net Gains", February 9, 2018 April 4, 2018 April 25, 2018 April 27, 2018 May 6, 2018 May 10, 2018 May 10, 2018 May 10, 2018 May 25, 2018 June 3, 2018 June 14, 2018 June 15, 2018 July 5, 2018 July 10, 2018 July 19, 2018 July 19, 2018 August 8, 2018 August 22, 2018 August 27, 2018 November 9, 2018 January 25, 2019 August 25, 2019. The Loud House Season 2 Episode 16a - Fool's Paradise. However, unlike those two, this episode is directed by Kyle Marshall, instead of. Rita's lookalike publishing Rita's novel, despite not having a proper ending. ‣ Summer Swing - Marc Durst [The Louds explain the plan to the stunt doubles.] Kotaro gives Lori some tips on how to be a good waiter such as using your memory to take orders instead of a notepad, being able to carry all the dishes at once, and when all else fails, provide free mints. It's a whole new version of Nickelodeon's hit series The Loud House. This is the only April Fools' Day episode to be in the first half of its season. The Loud House Ep 35&36 - April Fools Rules - Cereal Offender. Whitney Wetta Suddenly, Lynn Sr. tells him that there actually is a job perfect for Lori: management. As the only brother in the house with five older sisters, five younger sisters and one bathroom, life in the Loud house can get pretty crazy. Loki wore a white shirt button down shirt and khaki pants, along with a dark blue tie. Sequel Episode: To "April Fools Rules". Breaking down, Luan bawls that she doesn't want to leave Royal Woods, and promises to never prank them ever again. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. According to Miguel Puga, the scene was removed for "obvious reasons". The Loud kids make a trip to the supermarket to do the grocery shopping for Mom, but Lincoln has other plans. Every April Fool's Day, Luan pranks the entire household, but this year, Lincoln has a plan to not get pranked. Home to Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lucy, Lana, Lola, Lisa, Lily and… Lincoln Loud! Horrified, Luan chases after the truck while her family looks on with wide grins, knowing they got her good. Find out what difference she will make being the 11th sister in big family! The next day, Lisa reveals that she had set up security cameras around the house to monitor the action. Sarah Johnson When Lynn Sr. places the orders on the counter, she struggles to balance them all at once. "A Mutt Above", October 23, 2019 October 26, 2019 October 27, 2019 October 31, 2019 October 31, 2019 November 1, 2019 November 8, 2019 November 21, 2019 November 21, 2019 November 23, 2019 December 26, 2019 January 10, 2020 January 10, 2020 January 11, 2020 January 11, 2020 January 18, 2020 January 22, 2020 January 22, 2020 January 22, 2020 January 28, 2020 February 5, 2020 November 1, 2020. When the moving truck leaves, Luan suggests to her family to stop the moving truck, since it has their stuff, but Lincoln reveals that most of the boxes were empty, and the ones that actually have stuff in them contain all of Luan's stuff. Suddenly, Luan appears on the monitor and reveals that she knew that her family hired stunt doubles, so she planned something even more elaborate. Next Welcome to the Loud House! Luan tells her family to look at the monitors since she mounted cameras everywhere around town to make them witness what's about to come. The eleventh season of LEGO Ninjago, subtitled Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu, is preceded by Season 10 and succeeded by the Prime Empire Original Shorts and Season 12. It is also the only one to be the second segment of an episode. Credits Viewers At night, the family sneakily get out of the house, while the stunt doubles sneak in to take their place. A Tale Of Two Tables 23. When Lori is apologizing to her dad and Kotaro after she accidentally dropped the aged rib eye, the towel she was holding overlapped the onions. Lily, Lynn's Double, Lily's Double, Clyde, Bobby, Zach, Mrs. Johnson, Kotaro, Sam, Myrtle, Seymour, Lindsay, Mazzy, and Sully have no lines in this episode. By: Kinghammer Publishing. Find out what difference she will make being the 11th sister in big family! This episode reveals that Leni hates the perm hairstyle. Leni's lookalike gets a perm (a hairstyle Leni detests) and is prepared to show it to Leni's friends. Overall Lincoln: Sure! Smelly Skunk: Luan's prank on Lola involves trapping her with a skunk that sprays on her. … When Luna said, "What's the dealio? Previous Episode The Loud family is going on a tropical vacation, but they need help packing! Upon getting out of the way, they witness a stuntman pulling off a dangerous stunt, and not getting hurt at all. 3 5b The Loud House Lincoln Loud is an eleven-year-old boy who lives with ten sisters. Directed by Episode 51. Realizing that her career at the restaurant is hopeless, Lori sadly tells her father that she's going to leave, but not before telling him a couple announcements she planned in advance. Attention Deflict 18. 1.51 million Lynn disagrees with Lincoln's idea because she thinks that Guam is in another territory. Room for Improvement with the Casagrandes, https://twitter.com/sarahjsketches/status/1189595392800743424?s=21, Pranks for the Memories with the Casagrandes, https://theloudhouse.fandom.com/wiki/Can%27t_Hardly_Wait?oldid=1071682, The title of this episode is a reference at the fact that it involves Lori being a, This is the third episode where Lori has an occupation as a waiter, the first two being ". The white van used to transport the doubles doesn't appear in the camera footage when it is parked in front of the house. ‣ USA Battle Theme 4 - Command and Conquer Generals [When the Louds prepare to switch with their doubles at night.]. As Lori reads through the classes, Lynn Sr. suddenly gets emotional, saying that the idea of Lori moving away to attend college is too much, and believes that once she leaves, they'll never be able to do their favorite hobbies together.

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