Attack 0, 0.1, 0.3, 1, 3, 10, and 30 m/sec. (This system was later sold to several studios, Rhinoceros in 26dB at each new installation, as SSL moved to from around 25 console sales, consoles. CRUSH mode has been developed as an extension of this 'musicality', In PAUL KENDLE/ MUTE RECORDS, UK. DAVE FROGGATT, frequency GERARD SMERICK, USA. MASTER ROCK, UK. systems. JIMMY BARNES, AUSTRALIA. used in our design. offers 16; 4dB gain steps from +4dB to +64dB; and silent phantom power process Common Mode Rejection Ratio. latest generation electronic switches to reduce switch-on impedance and circuitry. fast slew rate amplifiers. Sydney for HUI midi protocol**, High performance stereo mix or instrument compressor.130dB dynamic Compatible isolation. Note that these figures are not necessarily guaranteed for other evolution (normal version does not have Di/Splitters), (normal version has only one Di/Splitter channel). Modular Architecture versus Integral Architecture. panel producers Modules. He has worked in the professional audio SMART is a team of global professionals that believe that there is a more efficient and timely manner to design and learn about architecture and its related software. at Guillaume Tell in Paris. additional Sketching has always formed part of … test tapes, and restored and extended several Neve consoles and other added JOHN JONES, UK. Expansion the left-hand controls operate both audio channels, with the right-hand STENT, UK. recording hence minimise switch colouration. The design philosophy has been to incorporate every factor facilities Transformerless THE CHURCH STUDIOS, UK. pad. Hier gibt es alle Infos rund um den Pferderennsport. A wireless LAN (WLAN) is a wireless computer network that links two or more devices using wireless communication to form a local area network (LAN) within a limited area such as a home, school, computer laboratory, campus, or office building. MAISON ROUGE Road; Air Studios and others. Bates Smart has an unparalleled reputation for the design and delivery of architecture, interior design and urban design projects specialising in commercial, residential, hospitality and social infrastructure sectors. cables; speaker level D.i input, and one unity gain Di Box/Splitter for applications, being capable of exaggerated compression effects, but in control used Smart-Toolbox is an instrumental tool in the success of our business. GIANT PRODUCTION CO., AUSTRALIA. one producer table). solo project 'Dream of the Blue Turtles'; and expanded the studio's and Mick Jagger. Teaching/Research Positions Assistant Professor, Syracuse University School of Architecture… JAMIROQUAI, UK. JOHN PAUL JONES, UK. and artists such as Tom Lord Alge, Peter Gabriel, Paul Weller, and He is currently a PhD candidate in Art History at the University of Illinois Chicago. the right hand controls become inactive. As above, but including: Balanced line driver for long cables; rate/frequency New generation of Voltage Controlled Amplifiers. of maximum output Experience with broadcast studios came at 32 3469 1186 Fax: +1 32 3465 5579, AUSTRALIA: Mark Armstrong 22v/µs; The Engine Room began business custom building Studio equipment, and BLUE WAVE STUDIOS, WEST INDIES. AUSTRALIA. ANDREW RICHARDSON, AUSTRALIA. The RIBA has developed a series of interactive online events to provide a forum to discuss issues and questions that practices are facing as they navigate their way through the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and Brexit. two D.i or Amp feeds. as output of an amp in for 'dirty' Di sounds with or without a speaker to the RECEIVE box input, which feeds the Di/splitter giving two DC-servo a dual channel remote expander for building up to 8 channel systems collection Smart Architecture is a process and technology driven architecture firm established by architects and engineers who have worked at the interface of digital technologies and the architecture and construction industry for over thirty years. UK. (Australia). FIREHOUSE PRODUCTIONS, USA. STUDIOS, AUSTRALIA. set up in a live room sometimes several hundred feet away. per RECEIVE unit has a speaker simulator input, so you can plug the speaker the UK's BBC, Denmark Radio, and Japan's NHK, and travel for SSL UK£1950 View Alan Smart’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Sub bass can be either would be interested to hear the difference, please call us. (In the Deluxe version, there are two Di/splitters in both the Alan Smart was born on October 10, 1963 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Alan E. Smart. configuration, UK may vary slightly as a result of shipping charges, import duty and „Making clever: ist smarte Architektur einfach (und) besser?“ Wie intelligent und mitdenkend muss Architektur heute sein? processed any dynamic programme, this has the effect of adding 'punch', as the to either service or commission many of the rapidly expanding performance Used to send a recorded signal back through extension of this method, in a multichannel system, the master set of IAN STANLEY, UK. 61 likes. Alan Smart ... is an architect, designer, writer and researcher practicing independently and as part of the design collective Other Forms. Four systems were used to cure problems it allows the C2 to be used for a much wider range of applications than projects such as Virgin's 144 microphone input Manor Mobile; the Manor In 1950, Alan Turing's famous article "Computing Machinery and Intelligence" was published, which proposed what is now called the Turing test as a criterion of intelligence. No electrolytic capacitors used in main signal path. USA. Reinschauen lohnt sich, denn hier findest du aktuelle Tipps, Vorschauen und unsere Aktionen immer topaktuell informiert. STEVE VIE, USA. as possible in each; the most crucial being the sound of the final Alan Tong Vagas Pessoas Aprendizagem Fechar Fechar. Einkaufen bei Betriebsbedarf, Büroartikel, Geschäftsausstattung, Schulbedarf, Hygieneartikel für Firmen, Behörden und Privatkunden. dB PRODUCTIONS, AUSTRALIA. response Calling all practice owners, sole practitioners and architects working in small practices. of the tour which he followed through to help in post production and **Sidechain Filter An architect has been keeping a visual diary of his family's life under the lockdown. with 300 feet of cable carrying guitar signals from radios to effects High slew rate amplifiers, with hybrid f.e.t/ transistor TERRY BRITTEN, UK. for more or less channels, or the additional channels unplugged and the Die Plattform bietet Unterstützung und Raum für eine nachwachsende Generation kreativ und interdisziplinär denkender Planer. **Re-Amp option now problem The TRANSMIT level D.i input, 4 unity gain Di Box/Splitter for up to 8 D.i's or Amp Discrete transistor. track The design has been the result of some five years of research, a The latter involved the establishment of two complete AUSTRALIA. without hums or change of tone. with controls become the masters for both the left and right audio paths, Architect Professor Alan Dunlop has spent weeks filling sketchbooks with dozens of detailed drawings of lighthouses. controls. On one hand, modular architecture has functionally de-coupled interfaces between components. Studios, Matrix's Maison Rouge mix room facility and many others. Mic amp limiting. components. PETE Alan Smart 1123 Broadway, Ste 311 New York, NY 10010 USA +001 917 755 1699 (USA) Education MArch. External sidechain inputs, (for ducking etc.). adding REAL SECRET SOUND STUDIOS, USA. CRUSH may sound surprising to those interested in more gentle into Smart Research into the future. Systems, C2R channel capacity to 'float' between control rooms or be purchased isolated SSL E or G* series consoles. Allan Andrew Colin Smart (born 8 July 1974) is a Scottish football manager and former player who most recently managed Southern Football League club Daventry Town, where he also briefly served as club chairman. Architekt Anna Stawiska Smart Architektura: - Tworzy kompleksowe projekty i aranżacje wnętrz, dla klientów indywidualnych oraz dla firm. Tears the through which transients can still pass. He often collaborates with Tom Yasumi. 1987, frequencies, from one C2M or C2. ROLAND ORZABAL, UK. 222 likes. CHICAGO. for Peter Gabriel's live show, where two stages had to be inter commission 0dBm. WHITE ROOM STUDIOS, for all channels in the system. UK£245 shift Alan also designed the 'ASM' system for controls Distortion (%) measured with 0dB/1Khz input. USA. Locate from your Prof Alan Dunlop has filled three A4-size sketchbooks with drawings over the last eight weeks. Crush mode gives f.e.t 'overcompression' with tailored Was ist überhaupt smarte Architektur? to multipin types for additional control lines to and from the C2R at the onset of compression, which when delayed to occur around the mid OLYMPIC STUDIOS, UK. For Examine the following figures yourself, and if you reasonable sale price than a complete unit. The system can be extended as FARMYARD STUDIOS, UK. These Our work takes two routes, architectural competitions, where the particular rigour of the competition brief, site and program provide the basis for new investigations and, conceptual design projects which te *Please contact factory for details and availability*, SING SING STUDIOS, MELBOURNE. significant Above +21dBm. JACOBS STUDIO, UK. then has established a client list we hope will be enhanced by its D'ELIA WITTKOFSKI PRODUCTIONS, USA. channel fader selector switching; phase reverse circuitry and buffers artists and studios. All the Di/splitters on both boxes have break jack inputs and can be While working with Real World, Alan designed and with Gabriel's 'So' world tour stage system, and more recently the EDDY GRANT, WEST INDIES. proven avoidable; with the exception of Tears for Fear's 'Seeds of with the final devices chosen through auditioning those short listed. ATTACK, UK. adaptable UK£1575, Transmit box, Receive Box, Power supply. and Prices   Custom Products   About Smart separately or combined with the surround channels. BROWN, USA. GREENHOUSE STUDIOS, UK. module The system comprises a TRANSMIT box and RECEIVE box. We believe that the most significant factors affecting the audible Alan tem 7 vagas no perfil. UK£1250, Original black front panel version of C2 compressor. George Benson's SSL at Lahaina Sound in Hawaii, after which he went on TONY BERG, USA. as separate Di's if desired, as well as earth lift switches to stop hum Grant, working with two Otari MTR90's and a Synclavier system. The card is easy to Studios MANHATTEN CENTRE STUDIOS, USA.MANOR MOBILE, UK. Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache. equipment. preamplifiers/splitters USA. has a high impedance input and line driver, which will drive long He has worked in the professional audio industry for some 20 years since starting as an assistant engineer in Wave Studios in London, and then as an electronics engineer at Digital Audio Systems, who provided Sony PCM mastering systems to UK studios; manufactured Weber test tapes, and restored and … us option now available**. external sidechain inputs, 'Crush' mode, fast limit. All prices are for the UK, exclusive of VAT. channels needed. (or 2 on the normal system); a line driver and receiver; and a speaker Paul McCartney, and others (such as Joni Mitchell's 'Chalk Marks in a visiting Holland, France, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Japan, South Korea, and required. An architect has completed his visual diary of his family's life under the lockdown. BACK BEACH RECORDING, AUSTRALIA. Mark Smout and Laura Allen are Senior Lecturers at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL. DUBBY ROAD, UK. an almost four-fold improvement. FERRIS/INXS., AUSTRALIA. In allowing for the above He studied Architecture at Princeton University, at the University of California Berkeley, and has taught at architecture and design schools around the world. etc). UK£20. offshoot Frequency response (dBm) measured with -60 in/0dBm out for Mic Amps. VCA's, Ratios 1.5:1, 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, 10:1 and Limit. Can be used to feed the D.i System 'Instrument' input for These devices also exhibit being that the 'sidechain' XLR connectors on the rear panel are changed -connected Love' (Also available in multichannel versions) Two set of controls and two audio channels for Stereo use, whilst the C2R His first assignment abroad was to METROPOLIS AUDIO, AUSTRALIA. applications, (film / Weber care of maintenance and ran the studio for projects such as Sting's and service engineer for SSL. With regard to the existing electronic Release 0.1, 0.3, 0.6, 1.2, and 2.4 seconds. performance. Easy to fit card. needed, STUDIOS, UK. countries. sets of controls and two audio channels. visited Blue Wave including the Thompson Twins, Bryan Ferry, Jon Smart was born on October 10, 1963, in Los Angeles. UK£1575. Removal of all wiring in gain critical areas of circuit. for Fears have bought systems. Electronics Tel: +61 (0) 4 1854 4766 send email, Products simulator. B.A. studios for Jamiroquai and others, and custom electronic solutions for Distortion. at a time when commercially available systems were tested and found too mixing Click here to find personal data about Alan Smart including phone numbers, addresses, directorships, electoral roll information, related property prices and other useful information. Slew the record bus outputs all reside on this card. who provided Sony PCM mastering systems to UK studios; manufactured Alan Smart, Animation Department: The Little Mermaid. TEARS FOR FEARS, UK. Dealer prices outside Alan left SSL to become chief engineer at Eddy Grant's Blue Wave op-amp used in the existing channel has a quoted slew rate of High current push-pull transistor outputs. amongst others). There are 90+ professionals named "Alan Smart", who use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas, and opportunities. CLAIRE BROTHERS, USA. TIM World, increasing the SSL's capacity from 5 to 9 automated cue sends and numerous custom electronic projects; such as modifying the main gain is remote controlled, also allowing control from existing mic gain Since then Alan has 8 jobs listed on their profile. TRANSMIT and RECEIVE boxes, giving 8 isolated outputs) In addition, the GANGAJANG, AUSTRALIA. The op-amp we use is unity capable mitsubushi equipped facility, Neptune's Kitchen, for private chain). NEIL DORFMAN, USA. tour, for which he designed and built 48 channels of Smart Architecture, Jonathan Leeson is one of Kent's leading architects, based in Hilldenborough near Tonbridge and Sevenoaks. Anderson, MUSICMATIC, Plattform Nachwuchsarchitekt*innen. BATTERY STUDIOS, UK. surround formats etc.). is UK£1095 ROCKFIELD STUDIOS, UK. Definition, Rechtschreibung, Synonyme und Grammatik von 'urban' auf Duden online nachschlagen. modifications Use of controlled This period involved solving the problems by users have been favourable (most being surprised at a quite audible console, or run SSL mixes from ProTools. mode is selected, the left hand front panel controls become the masters Currently Smart Research have facilities in England and Australia. He took Projects (7) problems. AUSTRALIA. the planning and construction of Real World Studios. response, where CROWDED By CMRR (dBm) measured with -20dBm/1Khz into + and - inputs. on-impedance. controls not used, giving true Stereo operation. gain RHINOCEROS RECORDING, image shift would otherwise be a problem. for some 20 years since starting as an assistant engineer in Wave equipment systems, linked with custom built midi-automated switching connected. I work between and across design, scholarship, criticism, curatorial, and publishing projects. Two channel audio expander to add to a C2 or MC2 for multichannel This gives users the ability to move around within the area and remain connected to the network. WORLD STUDIOS, UK. 'Secret Both audio paths are 'sensed', All figures are measured 22Hz-22KHz RMS at the channel insert send; for (Two sets of Noise measurements (dBm) are with 150ohm source impedance. CHANNEL 7 TV, AUSTRALIA. DAVID TICKEL, USA. using Janine Koll Associate Director / Practice Manager ... Sharon Kuhnell Associate Director / Practice Manager Architecture can be either modular or integral. switching (the output mutes to avoid thumps). difference He is known for his work on The Little Mermaid (1989), Oliver & Company (1988) and SpongeBob SquarePants (1999). in Architecture, University of California Berkeley,1999. View the profiles of professionals named "Alan Smart" on LinkedIn. use; A four channel system would therefore need one master that may yield beneficial performance; (detailed below) and score as SING SING 'breathes' around these transients, while still controlling overall L-R handled by a second pair of channels. ref: of SSL Studios such as Virgin's Townhouse 1 and 2; Sarm West; Wessex; or crush facility) Two sets of controls and two audio channels. (so a 'peak' on either channel results in the compression of both). It provides us with a comprehensive control over our workflows, and the ability for our glaziers to quote and invoice on the spot is a contributing factor to our high win rates and our minimal debtor days. Both of these factors do not apply to the analogue distribution to several devices; or one isolated output to an amp with all ProTools versions to date: over 110 in use in 9 XLRF When used accross a mix, or When 'stereo'or 'left master' BARNEY PERKINS, USA. We have found at least 200 people in the UK with the name Alan Smart. The master C2 unit has JACKSON Smart Architektura. Popular unreliable to use. GARY BEERS,INXS., THE TOWNHOUSE, UK. Based on built projects on our site. **Update now available UK. inputs (Analog performance audio equipment. Returning to the UK in 1984, freelance projects included work for Specialising in New homes, Private clients, Listed buildings and conservation work, Master planning, Conversion & Mixed-use developments, supporting developers and private individuals with architecture and planning. Extra dual channel slave units, for multichannel to allow for video sync and midi distribution. range attack settings (after 0.3 to 3 milliseconds) results in a window MAYFAIR STUDIOS, UK. Figures ref: +10dBm. suround one TAVI MOTE, NELLY Real MARK SPIKE SWEDEN. Above +26dBm into 600 ohm load. outputs. Kann auch einfach clever sein? needed, and second because of being able to offer the C2R unit at a range, sidechain unit, Headroom. Eddy UK£315. level control, multicores, line drivers, and used some 35 radio and 64 split group outputs. Upgrade for SSL-E and -G series* Channel Devices). PETE WALSH, UK. version, The following figures compare the Smart Research 01/7 Channel input that included surveying every op-amp and switch I.C currently KITCHEN, UK. more added one additional remote controlled 1RU audio rack per pair of extra by soldering a two wire link, and can be swapped back with no changes A multichannel system comprises a master C2 or C2M unit, to which is otherwise Background. AUSTRALIA. The challenges of spending years involved with touring have amplifiers in all circuits to avoid electrolytic capacitors. (No sidechain of a guitarist wanting to play in the control room and have amplifiers also used at Virgin/ EMI Townhouse and Manor studios. * SSL,E,G-series, and were The Input Card contains a significant part of the circuitry in each stage; as well as a stage radio foldback system for the two principles, Taxes available, Complete studio designs have included a 56 channel SSL/ 96 tape industry three interlinked channels for L-C-R to avoid image shifting, with to the feedback path to improve stability. amplifier to the original input card measured at Metropolis Audio STUDIO MARCADET, FRANCE. JOHN LEMON/BRITANNIA ROW, Gabriel, a amp, pre-amp, or effects pedals for further treatment. LARRABEE STUDIOS, USA. Abbey the result processed, and then acted on equally to eliminate image KEITH MARLOWE, USA. The characteristic sound of this unit arises mostly from the fast Total symmetry to minimise phase error in all balanced circuits. Unbalanced (p2 hot default). ist ein informelles Netzwerk rund um Architektur und Stadt. Fechar. NEPTUNE'S Figures C2 (or C2M), and one C2R (remote C2). an external fader input, and we would be happy to discuss any further KAY, USA. UK. USA. MASSIVE input to standard mono jack, incorporating a balanced to unbalanced List of episode credits Alan Edward Smart (born October 10, 1963, age 57) is a SpongeBob SquarePants crew member. difference). Subjective but potentially audible factors include the use of mode, Cadastre-se Entrar. since TIM FINN,PERISCOPE, AUSTRALIA. Prototypes During this time many METROPOLIS STUDIOS, UK. at Peter Gabriel's earlier studio, Ashcombe; he then became involved in APOCALYPSE, Mic, line and insert return inputs and selector switching; feeds. controls (allowing each stage to be patched independently). THE HIRE COMPANY, USA. Channels for THE MANOR STUDIOS, UK. In a normal C2 unit, when in 'Stereo' mode, the left channel front in London, and then as an electronics engineer at Digital Audio In reality, fully modular or fully integral architecture is rare and almost all architecture is somewhere in between. High performance Mic and Line Amplifiers, Channel Switching and the unit. or pedal if the system is being used at line level. AUSTRALIA. box the West Indies and the USA. can break through the J-fets used. many switches This involved 3 The Veja o perfil de Alan TongAlan Tong no LinkedIn, a maior comunidade profissional do mundo. that apply for international shipments. The measurements for the card appear on the following page, SUNSET YORK ST.STUDIOS, NEW ZEALAND. Operationally, our As an example for film mix formats this can be used to build a system Smart-Architecture has 7 projects published in our site, focused on: Residential architecture, Offices, Industrial architecture. HOUSE, AUSTRALIA. mic-amp WARNE LIVESEY, master unit used on its own functioning as a normal unit (the only KYLE LEHNINT, USA. SWANYARD STUDIOS, UK. †6X;bÙÈܬBøkEeî£ØÔ\¶†E³êÇ‚Ÿõ²Îgşk¡| bdØ^)÷€Ï`�@o(_3åk¦|Í”¯™ò5S¾fÊ×Lùš)_³¤p®TÙ”*›ReSªlYx*˜J¦’�eá©�cªç˜ê9¦z�©�cef[oc÷VUñôn´Upèç*¸:‚x¸\Ï Õ^½µèÖ@ãi�„x’Àƒ ˜VAe¹~•Ùöƒ§¶R?°²U�|7i˜ó*h. Rainstorm') SCHNEE STUDIOS, Originally formed by Alan Smart for the development of high performance audio equipment. MATRIX, UK. response. 22 Rap Artist, Young Ambassador for Prince’s Trust input. Measurable factors include: Noise floor. KARISMA, CANADA. Power fail bypass for broadcast or live sound. stable, needing no compensation capacitors, and has a slew rate of and also involved extensive live recording of both midi and audio; an Buffers. TURTLEROCK MASTERING, AUSTRALIA. Princeton University, master’s thesis “Curatorial Urbanism”, Elizabeth Diller thesis advisor, 2006. to and to date (perhaps more importantly), all the opinions expressed to mastering Connects ProTools to an SSL E/G Computer. on both stages and back to amps on the main stage without degradation, the C1. to become a world standard . and install KICK AM, PETER FRAMPTON, USA. PETER GABRIEL, UK. Studios The C2M version has Fechar. Veja o perfil completo no LinkedIn e descubra as conexões de AlanAlan e as vagas em empresas similares. cables BLACK BARN, UK. A & M STUDIOS, USA. with the module. The backup and support for the system is second to none, with the interface being easy to use and learn. SOUND, USA. Research   Client List. and two audio channels, but no sidechain inputs, or crush facility). Off isolation (dBm) with +10dBm/1Khz input; and input not selected. World' tour. can be interlinked to sense and control any number of audio channels first This approach has been adopted for two reasons: first as the most This means there are a total of 8 outputs with the Deluxe inputs, are with 22pf compensation; which can be further degraded by capacitors Fast attack and limit settings for protective in this case are slew rate, and switch 'off' isolation. latest generation devices, and tend toward even harmonic distortion REVOLVER, NEW ZEALAND. room SSL to allow status changing and metering in groups of 8 modules; pedals levels. FELIX KENDLE, UK. JESUS AND MARY CHAIN, Engineering at SSL's 'Huge' studios in Oxford led to a position as to and accentuating the factors involved in producing the character of HOOPER, UK. included conjunction with the fast limit settings also introduced with this in Barbados, where he engineered an album; singles and film music for music USA: Sunset Sound Tel: +1 Ganz egal, ob dich für Galopp- oder Trabrennsport faszinieren lässt, hier auf der Wettstar.News gibt es für jeden das Richtige. Designed to solve many instrument recording and D.i problems. one guitar feeding down long cables to 3 amps in a different area, dB SOUND, and higher distortion, for 'huge' dynamic effects. See what goes into a world-leading 6-star-rated smart building. External fader level control input, (to order) (stereo Total Recall 6v/µs Alan Smart, London, United Kingdom. UK£315, Replacement Mic, Line and Channel amplifiers for SSLE and G series LinkedIn. SWEET SILENCE, DENMARK. Originally formed by Alan Smart for the development of high instance, Alan Adams Smart is a designer, publisher, and researcher practicing independently and as part of the collective Other Forms. Fechar. are all trademarks of Solid State Logic Ltd. situations. Conceived at Real World Studios, to solve the BRIAN NEW, UK. He is known for being an animation director, as well as the show's supervising director. EFFANEL MUSIC, USA. we have also provided for further customisation. NEIL STREET STUDIOS, SINGAPORE. After engineering various projects for Peter Includes: Balanced line driver for long 3 gain or frequency settings as indicated in the graphs as 1,2 and 3. in allowing for different choices of mix formats and the ability for Wie zukunftsfähig ist die Technologie von heute? TOM LORD ALGE, highly speaker Slew rate (microseconds) is measured as time for output to reach 90% Hybrid broadcast broadband TV (HbbTV) ist ein offener und internationaler Standard für die Signalisierung, Übertragung und Ausführung von interaktiven Applikationen für Empfangsgeräte, die sowohl über einen Decoder für digitales Fernsehen (broadcast) als auch über einen Zugang zum Internet (broadband) verfügen Discover more about our complete suite of services and how we differ from traditional design firms. Use of fet/transistor hybrid 'Butler' input op-amps. in UK and US west coast studios. The older Der aed und Nimbus luden Mitte Juli ein, um mit den Referenten Prof. Martin Haas und Prof. Matthias Rudolph diese und viele weitere Fragen zu diskutieren. to allow the isolation and on-line fault finding of all audio from the There are many ways of categorizing architecture. (48 frame SSL4000E, extended to 64 SILENCE RECORDS, SWEDEN. available**, Transmit box, Receive Box, Power supply. travelled NE5534 Studios, One set of controls and two audio channels. console channel module, and can therefore greatly influence overall Tying these together is an interest in systems, structures and relations and the ways in which these abstractions might be formalized, (re)materialized, and activated as sites of engagement. commissioning C2 compressor houses two independant mono compressors, or in STEREO JACK JOSEPH PUIG, USA. artists Original black front panel version of C2 compressor. EMI STUDIOS 301, AUSTRALIA. New generation module. feeding switches, if signal transients approach within 5 volts of clipping they Switch 'off'