DONATIONS. This tool allows one to modify item stats on a large scale,with the amount of modification controlled and incorporates a full undo. A tool used for modifying different values in the eqemu database. Maybe some other things if we can think of them ;-) Items based on fantasy literature is fine. See All Activity > Categories Role-Playing. It's a Medium size 105MB download. Magic items are marked with a 1 in the magic column in the item table in the database. Our database contains information on every item currently in existence on Neopets, including some items that have never been released! Nov 2006. #bot showgroups [normal] [raid] - Displays your list of bots with their groups that are saved in the database. … Or, use a bigger data integer type as signed to store your unsigned value. First you want to save the database that came with the installer so skip to the the * part below, then continue. Characters from other EQEmu servers can be cloned most reliably, but you’re welcome to try any /outputfile from any server (including Live servers). The program exports into a SOF or Ti compatible format. This tool allows one to type in SQL and view immediate output. MQ2 is a program that injects itself into the Everquest executable (eqgame.exe) and reads the memory of the client, exposing more information than the player is supposed to have. 8/19/2015 - Version 1.1.3. The Eorzea Database Items page. If you want to edit or customize something on your server, EOC has got you covered. Old .eff to Editable .emt Zone Sound Converter. The EQEMU project is an attempt to recreate the Everquest server software, runnable from a Windows or Linux machine. which gets looked up frequently when a saylink is clicked or when saylinks are being parsed inside of a. context, this lookup and scan gets expensive when there is no index on the column itself. This page serves as a reference for rules that we adhere to as a project, things could change over time but this is mostly a living representation of our current spec. Many in-game functions are supported, and functionality is expanded week by week by a very active You can find it on his website, or. With an emulator like EQEmu, anyone can download the … In Kunark they have 45% less, Velious 35% ; Raid mobs tuned for 1-3 players. See forum thread. Changed: Now that there are more than just Database options, changed "Test Database" button to "Apply Settings". Here's a collection of tools submitted by EQEmu devs and contributors. This tool allows one to monitor and maintain characters. If your table or feature uses the concept of soft deleting an object, please use, field to mark that entity as deleted and then make sure you use queries that take into consideration where. For anyone interested in contributing to the database documentation. This tool enables one to view spell particle effect graphics using the included Ailia's Spell Editor. Jul 2014---- Github ----Part of the EQEmu Server Install, but the code for the Web Interface is available separately. Stupid item submissions will be ignored (Sword of ULTRAL33TNESS) Put your item.sql on this message to be considered. This is a wiki for a reason. This is a work in progress that will be expanded as needed. Various utilities and libraries for parsing, rendering and manipulating EQ Zone files. Many in-game functions are supported, and functionality is expanded week by week by a very active It's effectively a hack, but has been approved with limited use on a lot of EqEmu servers due to its convenience when boxing more than one character. This tool enables one to view weapon graphics, shields, human face,arm,body textures. is the number one paste tool since 2002. Verify Connection . Login to your MySQL Database . You can import a Ti spell file, then export it to a SOF compatible file. It's a BIG 114MB download. If your table's primary method of lookup is through id - you already get indexing out of the box, there is no additional indexes required. Our goal is to make a database with accurate information from Everquest (tm). Release Notes: This release features Linux memshare, inline assembly functions for CRC32, asynchronous database calls, items that auto-equip when looting, major network lag fixes, a completely new Mob AI system, much faster and customizable spell casting, and a new templated NPC faction system. Sep 15, 2019 - 1:13 AM - by Akkadius: Since 2003 (17 years! ), we've used the legendary changelog.txt in our source repository to record our server code changes. The database started in 2003 so I assume that all the old items will have gotten added in the year and a half before 2005. Search for Items in the EverQuest II database with one or more of the parameters below. This tool has no write finctions, and only allows one to copy the results into another program. column with an auto-incrementing integer. 4. This makes sequencing easier. Fixed: Post-SoF item icons in the icon folder will now load and display properly. If your table or feature uses the concept of soft deleting an object, please use deleted_at in a datetime field to mark that entity as deleted and then make sure you use queries that take into consideration where deleted_at is null (An index may be appropriate on this field). PoP fully playable, LoY started. This tool has many built in quests from people at This is the best option if you can still login to your character(s) on the server you are cloning from. If a database table's page has an inaccuracy in a column, modify the database-schema-reference.yml. Improved: A successful Database test in Options will now automatically switch you to the Search screen.