Mystogan=Edolas. Black Widow (MCU) vs Mystogan Super Powers Agility Dexterity Durability Element Control Endurance Enhanced Senses Flight Illusions Intangibility Intelligence Jump Longevity Magic Portal Creation Reflexes Sleep Manipulation Stamina Stealth Super Speed Super Strength Toxin and Disease Resistance Weapon-based Powers Weapons Master Know… Visualizza altre idee su fairy tail, anime fairy, anime fairy tail. It is unclear if this was due to his abilities being stronger or just a lack of proficiency with the staffs, I would like to like it is a little bit of both. Believing that she had truly escaped on her own and thus betrayed them, the slaves helped him build the tower for the next eight years as a way of showing their … Begin!" Mystogan 「ミストガン, Misutogan」, whose real name is Jellal 「ジェラール, Jerāru」, is a former S-Class Mage of Fairy Tail and the current King of Edolas. He is the Edolas counterpart of Jellal Fernandes. The contenders? She optimistically tells herself that things would work out since they still have Erza Scarlet, Natsu Dragneel, Gajeel Redfox and even Mystogan. Jura Neekis of Lamia scale, vs Mystogan of Fairy Tail B!" "Jura Neekis from Lamia Scale versus Mystogan from Fairy Tail Team B! (And another fast forward, more to the end) It’s revealed that Mystogan’s name is Jellal, but took “Mystogan” as a sort of cover name, and that he is the lost prince of Edolas, and after Natsu and the others rescued their friends, he helped the people of Edolas work on repairing, WITHOUT magic, as they had then lost all traces of magic in Edolas. He managed to learn how to wield his magic staves as good or better than Mystogan in one day before his fight with Jura. Jura vs 'Mystogan' The announcer resounds over the lacrima speakers, "And finally, it's the last round of the day: Lamia Scale vs Fairy Tail B! After Jellal's near kiss with Erza, Meredy (along with Ultear) teases Jellal about his lie, as he told Erza he had a fiancé. Jellal's primary magic is Heavenly Body, but he has a mastery of many others. Powers and Stats. Mystogan doesn't have any innate magic so he used magic staves in order to fight. Fantasy ToH Jellal vs Mystogan Thread starter Orphan Prince; Start date Sep 26, 2020; Who wins Jellal Votes: 12 92.3% Mystogan Votes: 1 7.7% Total voters 13; Sep 26, 2020 #1 Orphan Prince Registered User 中級員 / Chuukyuuin / Member. Suddenly, Porlyusica comes in through the door looking for Makarov Dreyar, surprising Levy. He exiled Erza from the island and took control of the construction of the Tower of Heaven. Jellal=Mystogan. Find and download Mystogan Wallpaper on HipWallpaper. Levy points her to the inner clinic but adds that Makarov's in a … | See more Fairy Tail Mystogan Wallpaper, Mystogan Wallpaper, Mystogan vs Laxus Wallpaper, Mystogan Wallpaper Minimalist, Mystogan Wallpaper 1080, Mystogan Wallpaper 1080P The Crime Sorciere decided to make an alliance with Fairy Tail. Regardless Jellal has shown greater potential. He was also considered the most mysterious member of the guild, as he did not show himself, or his face, at all. Jellal Fernandes is a childhood friend of Erza Scarlet. Let the final match of the day.. 15-set-2020 - Esplora la bacheca "Fairy Tail Jellal" di Li3ly, seguita da 121 persone su Pinterest. Jellal=Earthland. Jellal is a young man whose most prominent features are his blue hair and a red tattoo above and under his right eye, which he has had since his childhood. Although, in the GMG Jellal used Mystogan's staffs against Jura with fair results, but ended up abandoning them to use his own magic. Jellal and Jura was just standing there, having a staring contest. Jellal currently serves as a member and co-founder of Crime Sorcière. Jellal was forced after a failed escape attempt and the reclusion that followed it, he was possessed by what he believed was the legendary Dark Mage Zeref, supplanting his former kind personality with a more violent one, which made him almost completely insane. The crowd goes wild, with cries of support for both fighters. "What I can do for Fairy Tail.." Murmured Jellal as he unstraped the belt, letting his weapons levitate above him, "Is to beat you!" Hi yall today we will be reacting to Fairy tail its Jellal Vs Jura hope you guys enjoy dont forget to share, subscribre and like the video thanks. In the guild, Levy McGarden wonders if Laxus is really serious about the Thunder Palace, as only 10 minutes are left until it is activated. Later Jellal participated as Fairy Tail's Mystogan. As his Siegrain alter-ego, he dressed himself in elegant yet simple robes; consisting of a long white frock-coat with black stripes across the edges and on the upper part of the arms, a decorated standing collar, large straps connected to decorated buckles closing the inducement on … During the games, Jellal was selected to fight against Jura of Lamia Scale. Before he lost his own memory, he was a Dark Mage who desperately sought to revive Zeref via the R-System.