The Splash Snapback has a special cambered fiberglass + maple construction which makes it super springy and pumpable for surf-style riding. It … This makes them very stable and easy to ride, making them great longboards for beginners and intermediate riders. However if you are interested in learning something new every day from these longboards, you should strive more hard to explore more features and tactics of this longboard. Thanks. Like the Bambino, the kicktail on this cruiser is highly functional for quick turns and kick flips. The Sprocket is one of the most comprehensive freestyle cruisers available, perfect for small hills and flat street riding. Best prices on Sector 9 longboards in Skateboarding Equipment. The Snapback has a 20.6″ wheelbase, very long for its 30″ length. Out of stock. Mercer Botanical Trip 40" Double-Drop Longboard Complete ... Sector 9 Navigate 34" Drop Through Longboard Complete . While making our products, and living the Sector 9 lifestyle, we constantly do our best to be a friend and advocate of the environment. $200.00 $ 200. We're a bunch of San Diego skaters in a warehouse, assembling your longboards by hand, making sure you get the best ride under your feet. You need a board that can tackle any hill, lay a carve, and not kill your legs on long commutes. See more ideas about Sector 9, Longboard, Beach cruiser. Trucks, 70mm 78a Nineballs, ABEC 5 Blaze Bearings with Built-In Spacers, 1.125” Truss Head. The bamboo decks provide just the right amount of flex for high energy pushing and carving. Steel Bolts and ECG Grip Tape. See the Shoreline Ledger 40″ on Sector 9’s website ($159). The short wheel base, extended nose and tail kicks makes maneuvering a breeze. Check it out here. *This post may have affiliate links, which means I may receive commissions if you choose to purchase through links I provide (at no extra cost to you). Symmetrical Sector 9 longboards (38″ – 40″ long) with large cutout shapes and concaved decks are built for freeride. Price €229.00. Construction Fiberglass & 5 Ply Maple Sandwich CNC Drop Through. Best Sector 9 longboards for easy cruising, Best Sector 9 mini cruiser for short commutes, Best Sector 9 hybrid cruiser for city & park, Best Sector 9 longboard for long distance commuting, Flow Mini Lookout 37.5″ & Bico Lookout 41.4″, Best Sector 9 longboard for freestyle & dancing, Are Sector 9 longboards good? Ride on! There's something for everyone in longboarding regardless of age, gender, size, and fitness level. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.9 / 5 based on 16880 ratings and reviews. The Roundhouse and Navigate have a similar 24+” wheelbase to the Shoots, and also come fitted with the Gullwing Sidewinder, make them very turny and responsive. The wider nose allow for easy foot placement on the front truck, adding to the leverage for tighter turns. Double drop brings you low and stable, the Sector 9 Night Of Shred will take you that place. $199.95 $ 199. Double Drop Platform Longboards Double drop platform means that the board not only features the curves and concaves of a dropped platform board but that the board also features the signature cut out of the drop through design. Sector 9 cutout shaped drop-through longboards are designed primarily for carving . Ultimately, whether you choose flexy bamboo or stiff maple is a matter of personal preferences, weight, and riding style. Dimensions 38.5″ L x 9.8″ W x 26.125″ WB. It was founded by skateboarding legends Rod Mullen and Daewoo Song. Sector 9 Meridian 40" Drop Through Complete Longboard Review - The artwork on them is also pretty stunning. 5 years ago | 411 views. RIPPED LOUIS PRO.